Fast Action Trivia Game Show


Announcing our Trivia Stream Game Show in response to Covid-19 from To Go Events on Vimeo.

We've entered a new era in college programming.

As classes move on-line and schools practice social distancing, college programmers face the unpleasant task of canceling live events on campus. But this new paradigm doesn't have to be void of student engagement. It's time to think in new directions to engage students.

Build a community with virtual programming!

We can help.

Our "Trivia Stream" game show is a live event game show, streamed from our studio, just for your campus with a URL/Channel built just for your event. Specify a time, spread the word through your e-mail or social media, and we'll put on a live game show just for your campus, complete with prizes, fun trivia questions from our bank of thousands of questions from our "Fast Action Trivia" shows, and we can even include "best practices and Covid-19 facts" to keep your students safe during these changing times.

How does Trivia Stream work?

trivia stream game showWe set up a channel on (for now) - a large number of your students probably have accounts already, and if they don't it's free and easy to join. They find the channel we create for you and then our LIVE HOSTS engage and entertain while we ask questions. As a question is asked, the quicker you answer, the more points you get, but if you get it wrong, you can lose points too! So be fast, but be accurate!

Each round is 10 questions long and a winner is announced at the end of each round. We verify the winner is a student at your school and e-mail them an Amazon gift card.

Live stream game show hosts interact with your students.

Our live host keeps the show fun and entertaining and helps put on a show - not just play a game. Students even have a chance to sit on the hot-seat and skype in with a video call and win money! As with our live "in person" shows, the hosts are the heart and soul of the show and we've developed ways to interact with the streaming game show audience in unique and fun ways.

Each show will last about 45 minutes to an hour. Each round your students will have a new chance to win gift cards - so they'll hang out and play the whole time. There's even a chat room to help students feel more a part of your school's community.trivia stream on iphone

The cost is quite reasonable and every show is unique and just for your school. We'll have a variety of options available that include discounts on multiple events, credits on future events (to help you manage your budgets) and a variety of topics from general trivia to specific learning topics. You get to choose!

What we offer is a unique, one-time event where your students can engage, participate and potentially win some much needed prize money!