Fast Action Trivia Game Show

Originally this game was reserved for the trade show floor when we needed fast rounds and lots of people playing and we needed to get across some infomation about a client... but we recently realized the need for a game for the commuter college campus where students are often unable to sit and watch a full 60-90 minute tournament to determine a final winner - so we decided to make Fast Action Trivia available to our college friends.

It's a VERY DIFFERENT show from our other full production game shows as in this game we focus on fast a furious asking and answering of questions in timed, three minute rounds. The winner of each round stays and gets a prize (up to ten times) and the other players rotate out. LOTS of people get to play.

Fast Action Trivia in playBecause this is also our first game without a full stage set, it's also available at a lower price as set up and tear down is super fast and the technical needs are minimal. It can also, for the first time, be done outdoors!!! It's our most flexible game yet.

When you book this event you'll get up to two full hours of fast paced, full action trivia questions in a "come and go" environment where it's OK to watch the entire show, but you don't have to. It also allows for a LOT of people to play the game. (as many as 150 can rotate through!).

This show is designed as a show that we fly in with. We have created our very own portable buzzer/microphone/scoring system that recreates larger game show systems, but in a package that makes it available nationwide and at a super affordable price!

Current pictures are from our Trade Show booths, pictures of the new set up super portable set up are coming soon.

We will usually count on you for SOUND for this event. Though it can be added at a small additional cost if you're within driving distance of our Austin TX home base.

"Fast Action Trivia was a hit! Students want to participate and other students enjoy just hanging around and spectating. There’s always much excitement and buzz in the Student Union Building for this event.
Gus is a great host and person. He’s easy going, low maintenance and always seems to be enjoying himself. "

- Loreal Robertson, Texas A&M Kingsville

We were so happy with how our event went, and Gus was a wonderful host. Our students were so engaged during the entire event, and we've heard great feedback from them!

Megan Azzalina - St Joseph's University, PA