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Reasons Why Colleges
Love Us
Our shows are the best produced and most entertaining in the college market. Over 60% of our college business every year is from repeat clients. There's a reason for that and the reason is QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT.
We are super easy to work with. No egos. No big demands, no hardcore sales pitches. We make doing business with us so easy that you'll be able to have a great time at your own event. Fun is what this business is all about after all.
Full participation in Coop buying and discounts for routing. Game Shows To Go gives one of the biggest discounts for 3/5 or 5/7 coop buying in the college market. Participate in block booking and it's almost embarassing how affordable are shows are.

"The show was FANTASTIC!! Everyone really enjoyed themselves and the guys running it were fun and laid back, which is what we like. Thank you sooo much."

Georgia State University

"Educational, entertaining, thought-provoking program, the trifecta for programmers"

- Keith Pilger, UTSA
Campus Activities AwardCollege Events We Will Blow You Away

Cash winnersWe started in the college market and our company was started by college entertainers. Most of all, we have the most fun in the college market - and it shows.

Whether you're hosting a show as a regular part of your college programming, as a part of Summer or Fall Orientations or as a special part of another program - our job is to make you look good.
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Our flagship games are...

Do You Remember Being a 5th Grader?
We know you're smarter - but do you remember the things that were happening when you were in 5th grade?

Fast Action Trivia
Fast paced - non-stop trivia show. Designed originally for a come and go audience such as a nooner or festival, it also plays great as a production event.


Beat the Banker

Take on the banker with this game where you pick a briefcase - then negotiate with the banker for cash. It's the college markets biggest cash prize package. More

Survey Says
Our most popular game pits teams against each other as they try to guess the most popular answers given to surveys. We can even customize it to be all about your campus.

The Comedy Game Show that is part comedy show, part game show, and all fun!

Watch the video - you'll understand. More

Everyone Plays The Game Show using their Cell Phone

In It To Win It
Is our newest game and can be played as a formal game show or in a group setting as a part of a team-building excercise. It's a really fun game to play and to watch.