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About Us

Game Shows To Go was founded in 2003 by C.J. Johnson, an multi-award winning entertainer with more than 25 years experience working for corporate and college groups. C.J. specifically saw what was being provided to the college market as game shows and thought "we can do so much better than that - they're only scratching the possibilities of what is possible".

The Goal was to provide more than what the "DJ's with Trivia Cards" were providing to the mobile game show market. There are others out there who put on what they call game shows, but to get the full "TV Game Show Experience" it takes a company that specializes in game shows and that's just what we do at Game Shows To Go.

Or as we like to say "We don't just play GAMES - we put on SHOWS."

Key Players

CJ Johnson - Host/Producer/Owner of Game Shows To GoC.J. Johnson

C.J. Johnson is the founder, owner, producer, builder and designer of sets, researcher of questions, travel agent, booking agent, office manager and more.

His start in the entertainment business was as an award winning magician, hypnotist and motivational speaker. His motivational talks are a great wrap up event for meetings and if you schedule a game show and CJ as a speaker at your same event you can qualify for great discounts.

C.J. has three sons, Jonathan, Peter and Nicholas. Jonathan is a 2013 Graduate of the University of Texas. Peter will graduate in December of 2015 and Nicholas is on active duty as a US Marine.

C.J.'s interests are web design, computers, magic, kiteboarding and sailing. A perfect vacation involves a beach somewhere.

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James Caldwell

Emma - Technical Director of Game Shows To GoJames is our technical director. He joined Game Shows To Go in August of 2013. He takes really good care of everything behind the scenes. He loads trucks, drive them, runs the technical aspects of the shows and makes any repairs that need made along the way. If it's at your show it's there because James made sure that it got there. His background in technical theater give him an inside edge in creating the character of technician at each show so that his position there has more depth than just pushing buttons.

He's also designed some really great portable game show pieces for our Bronze and Silver Level shows to make them more efficient.

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Gus Davis Game Show Host For Corporate and College EventsGus Davis

Though still a young man Gus is a veteran entertainer with experience of more than 20 years on the stage! This experience has given him the gift of knowing just what an audience needs and when it needs it. It's his mission to give you the very best show possible at each and every performance. Sometimes that means putting out some extra effort, and sometimes it means sitting back and letting the contestants create the entertainment themselves. Whatever type of group you have, Gus will adapt to make sure that your show is awesome! Gus is a partner here at Game Shows To Go and his fiance' Shannon is an amazing improv comic and also hosts game shows for us from time to time.


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Brett Hornsby

Jonny Zavant as Game Show Host Brett comes to us from the University side and fully understands booking entertainment on a college campus. His focus is on booking your entertainment for the college market - so if you've got questions about booking a game show at your college campus - give Brett a call!

He also happens to be married to one of our favorite people in the world.

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