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Brain CellSurvey Says at a College Event



Our Most Popular Show!

Survey Says is popular because it's instantly understandable and fun to play.

Lots of people (24 or more) get to play the game and it can all be customized around your company or you can use fun filled surveys with a proven track record for corporate audiences.

This is one of the first shows we ever produced and it just keeps getting better and better. The sets are bigger, the surveys are more fun and our hosts have a lot of experience with this game and know how to deliver those knock out punches that make this our most popular show.

Poke around, check out the video, get your questions answered on the FAQ page and see the dozens of rave reviews. Then go to the contact page and ask us for a quote.

There's a reason it's popular!

The familiar feud format, the easy to understand game play and the overall entertainment value make Survey Says a winner[...]

Pictures from shows.

We've set up an entire page of pictures from Survey Says. Enjoy them [...]

When to book.

People often ask when is the best time to book a show. The answer is that you should request a contract as soon as you have made a decision to host a show [...]

Contact Us.

We are here to help you make a decision and have a great show. You can reach us anytime via [...]
Runner up for Best Novelty Act on College Campuses Nationwide

We know the corporate market .

We've worked at hundreds of Corporate Events. We know the corporate market well and will define and meet your needs 100% [...]

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