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Let's Brainstorm Ideas... Are You Smarter?


Entertainment Events...

This is a slam dunk, no brainer. Selected members of the audience play a game. Period. No agenda. No lessons. No morals. Just good old fashioned entertainment that gives you a chance to interact with friends and co-workers.

Perfect for: Holiday Banquets, After Dinner Entertainment, Family Events, Company Picnics or any time you need great entertainment.

Sales Meetings...

Are you smarter... 's "ladder style" game play gives great opportunity to quiz people about their knowledge of a product line, company policies and procedures and more.

All questions will be customized for your event and presented through our exclusive, proprietary software.

Your CEO, Sales Manager or other company VIP can act as the host. We'll have our trained hosts on hand to act as producer and coach to keep the show moving and they'll look like superstars.

Product Launches...

So you've spent a day teaching folks at an event about your new product line and your company. Reinforce that information in a fun filled way - through a game show!

Event Wrap Up Shows...

What better way to wrap up an event than by sending everyone home smiling. Wrap up your day long or week long event in a fun filled way and combine good clean fun with a reminder about what they've learned during the meeting.

Trade Shows...

Working in a space as small as 10x10 (larger is better), Game Shows To Go can stop, engage, inform and connect trade show attendees with your sales staff. Are You Smarter Than... your competition? You'll need to be in order to stand out in a trade show environment. Our hosts are seasoned pros at stopping traffic and making your booth the center of FUN at a trade show. We'll also work closely with you to create custom questions that are fun and engaging, while at the same time educating the audience about your product.


Runner up for Best Novelty Act on College Campuses NationwideMeeting Pleasers!

We've had companies use our shows in a lot of creative ways and we have ideas for your meetings too. Plus, we'll brainstorm with you. [...]

Pictures from shows.

We've set up an entire page of pictures from our shows. Enjoy them [...]

When to book.

People often ask when is the best time to book a show. The answer is that you should request a contract as soon as you have made a decision to host a show. We have multiple hosts and sets, but logistics for big shows mean book early. [...]

Contact Us.

We are here to help you make a decision and have a great show. You can reach us anytime via [...]

We know the corporate market .

We've worked with corporate meeting planners for 25+ years. Long before the company was even founded. We work hard to make your job easy. [...]

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