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Game Shows for the Corporate Meetings Market
Non-flagship Shows

These are a few of the shows that we currently have software and/or hardware for, but that we don't run as flagship shows. Some of them we've never hosted, but have all assets in place to put on the shows so additional expenses will be minimal.

  • Spin the Wheel
  • Fast Action Trivia
  • Who Wants to Be a Game Show Winner?
  • Answers & Questions
  • Basic Trivia Challenges
  • Game Show Mania
  • Star Quality Bingo
  • Texas - The Game (A unique and fun game show just for our Texas home)

    Custom Shows

    We have 6 Flagship games that we perform regularly. However, we have the ability to put on just about any game show theme that you desire. We can draw inspiration from any popular game show and give it twists and turns to meet your specific goals.

    We have all of the equipment to launch direct trivia challenge type of shows - perfect for trade shows, after dinner events or events where video projection and large sets are needed. Or we can spice it all up with the full sets and all the bells and whistles and make the trivia challenges look really great.

    We can't, and won't cross any lines with copyrights, but we already have software for shows that are inspired by TV shows. If you can dream it, we know how to produce it as a live game show event and will work with you to make your dream a reality.

    Each show has specific strengths and weaknesses. Some play great in front of a live audience, and others really only work on TV. We know what plays well for live audiences and we'll help walk you through deciding which show you want to do.

    Of course, custom shows and "one offs" are going to cost a little more than our flagship games which have already had all of the planning work put into them and have all of the logistics worked out. But you may be surprised at how affordable it is to put our crew to work for you.

    Sponsored Shows...

    If you're putting together a series of shows to promote a product at live events, state fairs, college tours, concerts, race events or anywhere that you'd like to put an interactive game show - we're the experts in putting those shows together for you and will put together a custom bid for your business. We know that once we do - you'll be a customer for life.

    We'll start with finding out your goals for the event then work with you to discover how we can create a show just for your events that will 100% meet your goals and expectations.

    Whether it's one time at a product launch or a year long series of promotions at grocery stores - we can put together a package that will work for you.


    Runner up for Best Novelty Act on College Campuses NationwideMeeting Pleasers!

    In addition to high production game shows we can also provide you with Motivational Speakers, Magicians/Illusionists, Jugglers, Strolling Magicians, Hypnotists and Mind Readers. Just ask - we're close friends with the best in the business and take no booking fees for referring friends. Let us know what you're looking for in the "Comments" section here [...]

    When to book.

    People often ask when is the best time to book a show. The answer is that you should request a contract as soon as you have made a decision to host a show. We have multiple hosts and sets, but logistics for big shows mean book early. [...]

    Contact Us.

    We are here to help you make a decision and have a great show. You can reach us anytime via [...]

    We know the corporate market .

    We've worked with corporate meeting planners for 25+ years. Long before the company was even founded. We work hard to make your job easy. [...]

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