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Brain Cell
Beat the Banker at a College Event
"BONK is funny! Then again, funny is BONK's sole purpose."


- Diane Sofranec, Scene Magazine -
Welcome to BONK!

Bonk College PlayersThree players are selected from the audience and are brought to the stage with a quick and funny introduction from the announcer. The contestants put on their new, wireless hardhats, their names appear on the video projection and we're off and to the races.

Throughout the course of the show they will be challenged to answer questions, unscramble puzzles and possibly even dance the Macarena. Unlike regular game shows where you "buzz in" to answer a question, contestants use a large soft mallet to "bonk" themselves on the head to qualify.

Questions range from silly, difficult and "trick" questions to fully customized questions that reflect your product, theme or industry. Once a player reaches 10 points he or she is the winner of the round.

The player with the fewest points is sent back with a humorous consolation prize such as 100 ounces of Bonk At a Collegebubbles, playdough or a 4 pound can of tuna!

This brings us to the "BACK BONK" round where things reallly get fun! In this round if a contestant does not want to answer, or perform a silly stunt, he can force his opponent to answer by BONKing him with the mallet (see picture left!).

BONUS BONKS are included throughout the game allowing members of the audience to answer questions for cash prizes, t-shirts, and even the chance to replace one of the players on stage!

A full game includes a number of participants, several hilarious rounds, lovely parting gifts, lots of BONKING and of course a GRAND BONK CHAMPION.

The best way to understand BONK is to watch the video - it'll make just about everything clear. Then contact us to bring BONK to your campus.


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