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Answers to you questions about corporate meetings with a Game Show.

Corporate Events Only

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What levels of production is "Beat the Banker " available in?

Gold Production Shows

All the bells and whistles of a TV Game Show.

Basically you'll provide us a space/stage/power

  • Host
  • Trained Technician
  • Huge Truss Set
  • Briefcases and Stands
  • Lighted Host Podium
  • Intelligent Lighting (Moving Head Lights)
  • Signage

  • Player Stands with lights and buzzers (when playing optional trivia rounds
  • Music & Sound Effects
  • Video Mixer
  • Full Sound System (appropriate for audiences up to 500) if more are expected you should either provide sound or go with a Platinum Level Show.
  • Super Bright Video Projection
  • Stylized Video Screens
  • Backdrops & Curtains

Platinum Level Shows

Everything included in the Gold production PLUS...

  • Front of Stage Truss System to suspend lighting, sound and video projection in front of the stage - giving cleaner lines. Truss is available up to 48' wide.
  • Enhanced Intelligent Lighting
  • Enhanced General Lighting - an important distinction between packages
  • Enhanced Sound System (when needed)
What are the technical needs of "Beat The Banker" for Corporate Events ?

Gold Production Shows

We bring just about everything needed for the Gold and Platinum Level Shows. See tech rider on downloads page for specific details, but here's an overview of what we'll need:

  • Electrical: Our equipment can run off of regular household current. We ask that 4 outlets, on 20 amp circuits, be available for our exclusive use.
  • If these outlets are further than 30' away from the performance area then extension cords should be provided.
  • General Stage Lighting: A general stage wash is needed for the show. The lighting we carry is for effect and general illumination should be provided by the venue. Our Platinum level shows include full stage lighting. We do carry a small amount of general lighting with us just in case we're in a very dark venue, but if you want need very focused lighting we ask that it either be provided, or you consider the Platinum package.
  • Sound: We carry our own sound equipment for all Gold/Platinum Shows. If the event already has sound, we can easily plug into your sound system at no additional costs.
  • Platinum Level Shows

  • All of the above plus we strongly recommend a spider box or a direct power input as we will be drawing a lot of power. This is only for the platinum level shows as the lighting package is much more robust and intense.
  • Is a prize package included?

    All corporate events are "plus prizes".

    We strongly recommend using Cash as the prize for Beat the Banker. We also recommend that the prizes fit our researched levels of prizes ranging from 1 Cent up to $600 (or more). The prize package has to be enough that people are making intriguing decisions about when to keep going and when to take the bankers offer.

    The average that we give away at this show is $540.

  • The low has been $180
  • The highest has been $1260
  • We offer a "Prize Buyout" package where we assume the risk of all prize monies. Talk to a Corporate Meetings Specialist to discuss this option and you'll know exactly what your prize costs will be up front. If we give away more, it comes out of our pockets, less, and we make a little more. In the end, it all balances out for us and we have no preference one way or another.
  • Can we provide our own host?

    Of course.

    There are times when your CEO, Sales Manager or other staff member wants to, or NEEDS to act as the host of the show.

    Please remember that it's not quite as easy as it seems and if you're going to have someone other than one of our experienced entertainers host the show we strongly recommend allowing time for a rehearsal and full walk through of the show.

    Our host will then act as an on-site producer and assistant to your host making judgement calls on rules, assisting if there is a need, and walking through the show with your host before the event.

    There may be additional charges if we are not using our host. As counter intuitive as it seems - it's a lot more work for us to have someone else host the show than it is for our guys to step up and do it. If you are considering providing your own host please discuss that with one of our Corporate Event Specialists.

    Can we integrate our own PowerPoint slides or videos?

    Of course.

    Make sure you let us know if, and what you're going to be using (ie video, static slides,etc) and if you need us to provide an extra laptop to present with or if you're bringing yours.

    We will bring a video mixer/switcher that will allow us to seamlessly switch between our game board and your presentations when necessary.

    Are there going to be any extra charges?

    We won't charge you for anything that you don't agree to and we try very hard to be concious of your budget. We certainly don't nickle and dime you with extras and we try to include everything that is needed for 90% of the situations in the pricing.

    Most items are outlined in the contract, but there are a few things that are extra.

    Additional Items that can be added on a per item basis but that are NOT included automatically in our published pricing:

    • Live music & announcer
    • Follow Spots and Operators
    • Customization of questions or game play
    • Live video recording and/or side of stage video projection (outsourced locally)
    • Site visits or face-to-face meetings (see next drop down).
    • Custom Commercials and Videos
    • Shorter or more difficult than normal set up that will require extra crew members. (see load in/set up time needs on this page)
    • Providing video/music/lighting/podiums for speeches, awards etc. before or after the show.
    • Models, Spokesmodels, Actresses to facilitate game play and add character. In the case of Beat the Banker "Case Girls"
    Can you do a site visit/live meetings?

    95% of the time site visits are not needed, at least on our end. However, if it makes you feel more comfortable for us to make a site visit we can do so.

    We are fully set up to do phone meetings and on-line, shared computer screen meetings if we are customizing a show for you. If we are providing you with a customized show, this is included in the cost of customization. Current technology means that we can typically get more done in less time meeting from our own desktop or laptop computers than in a board room.

    If a face to face meeting is required, then expenses and a fee will be added (typically $50-$75 per hour including travel time).

    In the case of any meeting whether online, on the phone, or in person a clear agenda should be shared before the meeting to ensure that we are all prepared and can work efficiently.

    If you feel this is going to be necessary, please advise us in advance and we'll work these meetings into our bid for your event.

    Since only 1 in 100 clients require these services, they are not automatically included in the price of a show.

    Can we get all inclusive pricing?

    Of course. We list our prices plus travel and lodging, but we will give you a firm price for travel, and if you prefer we can even include the cost of the hotel.

    You'll know exactly what your price is when you send back the contract.

    We're all about being easy to work with.

    Do you have insurance?

    Of course. We are fully insured. We can add your event to our policy at no additional charge - so you're covered too.

    Being added to the insurance takes about 2 weeks. If we have to rush adding you (or the venue, or both) to the insurance, an additional $50 rush charge may be incurred. We'll do our best to avoid this, so if you know you need a certificate of insurance, ask at the time of contract and we'll get it done.

    How much time does it take to set up/tear down?

    Gold Production Shows

    Take about 3-3 1/2 hours to set up and about 60-90 minutes to tear down and load out.

    Please take this into account when scheduling your facilities.

    Shorter set up times (within reason) can be accomplished by us bringing in extra crew at an extra cost. Please inquire if you will need us to do this

    Platinum Level Shows

    Take about 4-4 1/2 hours to set up and about 75-100 minutes to tear down and load out.

    Please take this into account when scheduling your facilities.

    Shorter set up times (within reason) can be accomplished by us bringing in extra crew at an extra cost. Please inquire if you will need us to do this

    These set up times assume easy access to the rooms, a loading dock and NO STAIRS. If we will need extra time to load in please let us know in advance.

    These times are minimums. We appreciate, and you will benefit from additional time being available.

    How long does a show last?

    The typcial show lasts 60-90 minutes with an average of 70 minutes.

    We can adjust the show to fit just about any maximum time allowed by speeding up game play and by limiting the number of rounds.

    A typical show plays three people getting to open cases and the competitions leading up to those three winners

    Can we customize the game or game play?

    Of course. That's what this show is all about in the corporate market - customizing it for YOU.

    It is easy for us to add in trivia questions about your event/company or group to the competition rounds leading up to who opens the briefcases.

    Customizing the questions is easy and no charge, though it will require some work on your end.

    We can customize in any way desired, let us know what you have in mind and we'll put together a price quote for that customization.

    What size of performance area is needed?

    Our shows are pretty big. So we do need some room. Though we do have a bit of flexibility these are our ideal space needs:

    For Gold or Platinum Level shows a stage or platform that is a minimum of 16' deep x 24' wide (preferably 28' or wider) There are no maximum space limits. Our set pieces can expand to fit the space available. If we're working with a very large stage, please let us know so we can plan accordingly.

    Occassionally when working for smaller groups a stage is not available we can work on floor level - just add about 4 feet to these dimensions. This is not recommended for groups of more than 75 seated at tables, or more than 100 seated auditorium style.

    Near the stage/performance area should be a place for two 6 foot banquet tables (we'll bring these) for our technician to set up.

    This space should be indoors, or if outdoors this should be preapproved by our staff and it should be a covered area. Outdoor shows are not recommended for daytime events as even our very bright projectors get washed out in full sunlight.

    We also need 10.5 feet above the stage for our full set - though we can make the set shorter if we need to. Again... just let us know in advance so we are prepared.

    Are discounts available?

    If you can schedule your event while we're already in an area we can occassionally give discounts on the cost of travel.

    Being flexible on your date is the best way for us to be flexible on price.

    If you are going to have a professional photographer or videographer at your event and give us copies of all pictures and video, along with permission to use those images - we may be able to work out a discount in trade for that. Corporate events are often difficult for us to get good video or photographs of on our own as we don't want to disrupt an event in progress to get those pictures or video.

    Do you work with meeting planners?

    Of course.

    A large part of our corporate work comes from professional meeting and event planners and we are thrilled to work with these professionals.

    Our experience shows that a good event planning professional is worth his or her weight in gold.

    If you're working with a planner - great, we will too. If you need recommendations, we've worked with some of the best in the industry and would happy to make some recommendations for you.

    Our services won't cost you a penny more when we work through a meeting planner.

    Do you require a deposit or retainer fee.

    A 20% retainer fee is due with a returned contract within 14 days of requesting a contract.

    This retainer fee insures that we hold the requested date for you and begin work on the customization.

    Because the fee is for holding a date, it is non refundable.

    When is our balance due.

    The balance of payment for your event is due immediately upon our successful completion of your show - once we know you're 100% happy.

    Do you accept credit cards as payment?

    Visa Mastercard Discover Amex

    It is our goal to be as easy to work with as possible. So yes - we are happy to accept a credit card as payment.

    We quote prices with a built in 2.5% discount for paying with cash or a company check. This 2.5% discount will be reapplied to the total fee if you choose to use a credit card for payment.

    You can use the credit card for the retainer, the total fee or however you need to have it divided. The loss of the 2.5% discount will only apply to the portion which is paid by credit card.

    Have questions that aren't answered here? Call one of our Corporate Event Specialists or fill out a form on the contact page and we'll have someone get in touch to answer your questions.

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